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Hiep & Associates Law Firm (HALF) respects the intellectual property rights in general and in particular the copyright of others, so that HALF asked readers or clients accessing Web of HALF to do so. In some cases, HALF can make decisions such as refuse access, complaints or initiate lawsuits against the readers or visitors to this Web as they are violations of copyright operates.

If you think your work is copied the information on Web of HALF does not constitute copyright violation, please provide evidence that your rights are Its legal according to the following:

  • Signature material or electronic authorization of the competent authorities for you on behalf of that person can perform acts of copying.

  • Description scope of the work that you will copy that does not constitute violations of copyright.
  • Description place containing materials on the Web that you will copy without violating copyright.

  • Address, phone number and your email address.
  • Declaration that you copy information is completely legal disputes and commitment that will not happen with the owner of copyright for Webs of HALF, please the legal representative of HALF.

  • Your declaration, must be made in writing, signed by you and the material is sealed if you are representing the legal person.