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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Click http://www.hieplawfirm.com path, you will be on the Web of Hiep & Associates Law Firm (HALF) and this Web is operated by HALF administrator.
Site notice (note), as described, identify personal and non personal company collects when you use the Site (Personal Information and non-personal information, respectively).

This notice does not address the exchange of information between you and any other HALF, including the information collected during HALF made the relationship with clients (if any) between you and HALF, or by HALF collect information from you on behalf of the clients of HALF. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this notice, you have the right to use the Web.

Firm found that clients of HALF expect privacy and security information is not common as they provide HALF. The law operates has continued to be bound by the standards relating to security for all information that is not common in HALF received the representatives of HALF clients.

However, if you choose to submit personal information to HALF through this Site, and depending on your choice, HALF will use your personal information in accordance with this Notice, until Its time you request stop.
Sending your personal information, whether through this Site or otherwise, lead to the formation of the relationship between the attorney – client.
Unless you provide information to HALF, operates not collect personal information about you with your requests for publications and other unofficial information, other than the IP address of the computer. IP addresses of computers used solely for the purpose of quality control and management of Web pages.
Please read this notice carefully to learn how you can verify the accuracy of your personal information and how you can ask to delete or update HALF information that.
HALF does not collect personal information from minors (under 18, or any other circumstances defined by applicable law). If HALF found that a juvenile, who was tried or send personal information via this Web, HALF will notify the user that HALF can not accept their personal information. After that, HALF will remove any personal information do so in HALF database.
Information HALF requires that you send?
To suit your needs for publications and other information, you may be asked to send HALF name, your full name, title, and email address. If you choose to receive publications of HALF via postal, HALF will ask you for your mailing address.
Addition HALF may require you to specify a password, which will only be used to verify your identity when you access or change your personal information. You should keep your password secret to prevent the disclosure of your password to any third party. Please notify HALF immediately by sending an email to Javascript: ShowPrompt (“info@hieplawfirm.com’); if you find that someone has obtained your password illegally.
HALF may occasionally conduct surveys among users are asked to provide personal information such as name, email address … as well as other personal information not related to your experience Web of HALF. You can choose to participate in the survey is based on the options personal information (Personal Information Options), you select on this Web. Participation in surveys and provide personal information is voluntary, respectively.

How its use your information?

HALF will use the information you submit (i) To send you materials you have requested, (ii) To answer your email requests, (iii) At your options, inform you of other information media that can be useful for you; (iv) The administration of the Web; (v) Such other matters not described in this Notice.
Retired Tracking System?
When you visit the HALF Web, information about the type of browser, operating system, IP address and domain name from which you access this Site (such as gmail com) collected. In addition, HALF may collect information about your Web browsing behavior, such as the number of times you access the Web, on Webs you visit, and the time you spent to retrieve Web page.

This information is used only for internal purposes such as the management of HALF Webs and improves the function of it.
If you select the button marked “Save Login/Password information on this computer” in the registration Web, a cookie is used to identify you when you return to the Web. Cookies are blocks of data into your computer and sent via a Web browser on your computer when you visit HALF Web. The cookie is placed on your computer with no time limit. If you delete or choose not to use cookies, you will be able to use the Web of HALF, but you will need to enter identifying information and passwords to your HALF can get any personal information choose where you have previously informed HALF (such as types of communication or not you want to receive from HALF).

Who operates to disclose your information?

By professional standards and applicable laws of HALF, operates and services HALF provides (as defined below) to disclose your personal information:

To the Office of HALF, which currently include Sinsheim.

To behalf of third parties under the contract on behalf of HALF and to (services), and is required to develop and maintain policies for the privacy of individuals such (Information, providers, maintain a database of HALF computer or perform marketing activities for HALF only related to services provided by HALF and the Office of it), and

To others, including law enforcement agencies, as permitted or required by law.

Any access that information will be limited to the purpose for which that information is provided for the operation of HALF services. Office of HALF future will be located many places around the world. Accordingly, your personal information may be sent to the national level to protect the privacy other than Vietnam, or in your country of residence. HALF will, at the request of you, give you the details of the recipient countries and that your personal information has been sent to.
Addition, provisions of national law will provide people with the responsibility of government, regulation or supervision, and those involved in lawsuits and other legal procedures, within the certain circumstances to obtain information from HALF, HALF office and from the supply of HALF services, including your personal information. Standard of professional HALF, you should understand that the Office of HALF service providers will comply with these laws to HALF and they are required to do so.
Sale or transfer information
Where sale, merger, liquidation, dissolution, or transfer a business, trade or assets of HALF and/or any of its own office, all information personal information about you collected through this Web can be sold, assigned, or transferred to the buyer of all or substantially all of the shares, assets or business of the company and/or the Office of HALF. According to the poll does not participate as described below, by using this Site, you agree to the sale and transfer of your information as described above.
Link to another Web page
This notice applies only to the http://www.hieplawfirm.com. This site does not include links to other Internet sites, including access to content, products and services of other HALF can link and no link. In some cases, any other Web can be similar to HALF Web and therefore may appear to be a part of HALF Web. However, whenever you choose to access the Web or not HALF the content via the Web browser operates a separate window will launch and you will leave HALF Web. HALF would you familiarize yourself with privacy and other terms for each linked Web before you submit your personal information.
How you change information or change request
Personal information?
If you want to get a copy of your personal information is stored at HALF, please send a request Javascript: ShowPrompt (“info@hieplawfirm.com’) or Javascript: ShowPrompt (“privacy@hieplawfirm.com’) respectively, and HALF will make all reasonable efforts to comply with your request, subject to legal and professional requirements. If this information is incorrect or incomplete, please let HALF said, and HALF will repair or promptly update (unless HALF requires more information from you to meet the requirements of you) and in any event as prescribed by law. You can also request removal HALF name and other personal information in your database of HALF; HALF will try all reasonable efforts to do so and subject to the requirements other legal.
You can access the “Options Edit Personal Information” at HALF Web in the near future to (i) To update your information, (ii) Subscribe to publications, (iii) Unsubscribe from all or some of the publications; or (iv) Not participate get in touch more. To stop receiving electronic information from HALF, you can unsubscribe to the publication of HALF and other communications by following the unsubscribe instructions included in each email sent Firm. If you do not receive confirmation of your requested information or your question has not been satisfactorily addressed, you should contact HALF office in Vietnam. HALF security, governance in Javascript: ShowPrompt (“info@hieplawfirm.com’); or part of HALF management on Javascript: ShowPrompt (” privacy@hieplawfirm.com’).
HALF will notify if you notice this change?
HALF will post any changes to this material at least thirty (30) days before the change takes effect. If HALF change material to this Notice that affect our treatment of your personal information, HALF will provide you with e-mail or postal mail notice and choice to opt the terms of the amended notice. After the changes take effect, all newly collected Personal Information will be subject to the terms of the amended Notice (Amendment Notice) and all previously collected personal information will be treated management in your response to our opt in notice (in accordance with the amended notice, if you opt in and in accordance with the notice if you do not opt in).
We protect your information where it is stored?
HALF maintains security measures to protect the system, electronic data as well as your personal information. Your information is stored in secure operating environments, and HALF employees are trained to maintain the privacy and security of your personal information in accordance with this Notice.
The personal information you submit through this Web is hosted on servers in Vietnam. Storage server in Vietnam is necessary for the purposes specified in this Notice. If you are located in another jurisdiction, you should be aware that once your personal information is sent, it will be transferred to your server operates in Vietnam and use the password-based security services transmission, and that Vietnam now has data protection laws uniformly.
Title to choose from a selection, and all the provisions stated in this notice, you agree to the collection, processing and transfer your personal information for HALF for the purposes described in this Notice, including but not limited to the transfer of personal information so HALF, service providers and the Office of the provisions of this Notice. Approval of your company to move to the right of personal information under the provisions of this Notice, including the consent to transfer personal information under these different levels to protect the privacy that available to you under your local laws.
Your use of HALF Web, you accept the provisions relating to access Web HALF, which is the most useful and you can reference.
Except for cases as described in this Notice, and depending on the choices your company will not use your personal information for any other purposes unless we have explicitly authorized by you.
If you have any questions concerning this Notice, including the implementation of Notifications, please contact the headquarters of HALF or department security management in Hanoi (84.4) 37566798 or (84) 912426605 or via email at Javascript: ShowPrompt ( “ngovanhiep@fpt.vn”) or Javascript: ShowPrompt (“info@hieplawfirm.com”).