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What does it take to achieve your business objectives in accordance with the law? More knowledge and experience to make the right decision, it would be a partner who understands you. An active partner with in-depth practice and innovative solutions, which will take you exactly where you need to. In Hiep & Associates Law Firm (HALF), we focus entirely on innovative solutions for enterprises and individuals. We have been serving clients in the specialized field of law as investment; international commerce; corporate; Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A); finance & banking; real estate; contract; intellectual property and dispute resolutionon the scale of national and international.

HALF professional activities, dynamic and forward, efforts have been invested to have a strong position in the 21st century to provide legal services to clients not only in Vietnam but also in foreign countries through options such as the Web-based business, meetings with attorneys, over HALF of the video, teleconference meetings and on-line payment through direct administration of HALF.

Large Law Firm – Professional Services & Reasonable Fees

Our attorneys are excellent people, operating in a professional law firm, working with high sense of responsibility and shall best serve clients with reasonable fees. In the times of economic downturn, need time to consider the values. Therefore, large law firm, attorneys professional activities with competitive fees will make the business capabilities of the enterprise were be raised regardless of your business goals, size of enterprise, HALF are a partner to work effectively with attorneys speak the language of clients. HALF based on diversity, knowledge base and experience allows HALF easy to serve changes objectives of the clients. HALF speak English, French, Russian and supplying legal services with other languages.

Attorneys, jurists, experts and our collaborators are the leading experts; they achieve certificates as Dr., LLM, MBA, BFM, Ba….. On that basis, allows HALF to apply the knowledge, skills and experience not only of personnel in the HALF but also from external collaborators to help the best clients. On the other hand, this also creates a difference in the way HALF approach the legal issues. What are clients of HALF saying?  Read Testimonials.

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Whether you are in Berlin, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo or Perking, we will answer your calls immediately, answer through email or communicate with you by via video Skype account of HALF. We can access. HALF has an important role in meeting the legal needs of all clients not only in Vietnam but also in foreign countries; this response is the same as clients requirements relating to investment; international commerce; corporate; Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A); banking & finance; capital markets; tax; real estate; contract; energy; telecommunications; construction; intellectual property and dispute resolution….

Contact us by calling the number (+84) 912426605 (Mr. Hiep) in Vietnam/overseas in the number +49 7261 946778 (Mrs. Ha), or email: hiepvng@fpt.vn; hiepvn@hieplawfirm.com. This email address is being protected from spam bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule a consultation about your legal needs. What we always do for clients is that they have the right choice, at reasonable fees when seeking legal aid of attorneys. With its Head Office in Hanoi, HALF is a partnership of enterprise and individuals, a factor to help them achieve success in the marketplace.