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The history of the Hiep & Associates Law Firm (HALF) is a long story about the will, energy, determination and spirit of the tireless work of the Chairman and Partners of HALF. Nearly a decade passes by, dozens of talent men and women have jointly participated in the great adventure to create, nurture and develop a professional law firm operating under the international standards.

Before the law firm was founded, there was a man with a dream. Mr. Ngo Van Hiep, born and grown up in Hanoi, the North of Vietnam, served in the military and then went to the university by motorcycle to start the school year before receiving Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Foreign Language, then Master of Business Law and candidates of doctorial course. Follow this link to read more about the Prelude of Firm.

In the early years, besides the Vietnamese attorneys, jurists, experts and collaborators practicing in HALF, HALF also receives the cooperation and support from foreign attorneys and law firms. This cooperation is developed with the principle of equality and orientation to legitimate mutual benefits. Such cooperation is recognized to be a treasure with the highest significance, especially in the context of Vietnam’s adhesion to World Trade Organization (WTO) to integrate into the World economy. Such cooperation is one of drivers to HALF’s growth and thus successfully attracting more capital investment into Vietnam from Asia and the Pacific, Europe and North America.

Before our law firm was founded, Mr. Ngo Van Hiep became one of those who successfully passed the national rigorous exam for Certificate of Attorney launched by the Ministry of Justice. This Certificate was the facilitator for us to establish a law firm in Hanoi. Then, we established one of the first offices in Germany as we wish to expand operations to Europe during development to become a leading professional law firm in Vietnam.

By the end of 2010, we have become the law firm with more than 10 attorneys. Such figures are also nearly doubled in two years later. In order to make a difference in the legal service market as well as to keep up with the international integration process, the quality and system have been ever focused to maintain our professional standards.