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Head Office

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7/24 Phan Van Truong Str., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam.
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Hanoi is the headquarters of Hiep & Associates Law Firm (HALF), this is one of two offices of HALF at present. HALF is one of very few law firms currently in Vietnam are professional operating in accordance with the international standards. Among attorneys, jurists, experts and collaborators of HALF, many people were born and raised in Hanoi, was trained at leading universities at home and abroad so that the digested knowledge not only in law but also of foreign countries. Head office is located and its important role, in particular, attorneys working in the head office of the firm have been providing legal services of high quality for clients in Asia; Australia & the Pacific; Europe and North America based on knowledge, skills smoothly and adherence to professional ethics.

Head office is structured according to the parts practice specialized field of law. In addition, we have the organizational; management and coordination among parts together to meet the requirements are as clients. Meet the needs of clients through specific solutions while practicing. Chairman of HALF has organized and managed the creative development head office to the field of legal consultancy as a key investment; international commerce; corporate; Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A); finance & banking; real estate; contract; intellectual property and litigation….

Investment consulting; international commerce; corporate are always occupied an important position in the operation of our practice when compared to other law firms in Vietnam, we are ranked among the leading companies of Vietnam. We represent many local and in 1.000 ranked the companies as well as new companies emerge, capable of developing the domestic and international expansion.

Among industry groups, agriculture, trade and current service , Head office has experienced in consulting on areas such as delivery of goods, energy, investment services, real estate, financial services, technology transfer, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and consumer products . Head office has maintained a relationship, cooperation and regular contact with the Universitys leading local law as Hanoi University of Law, University of Law – Hanoi National University, Justice Academy.

In addition to maintaining standards provide expert client Games – we are always ranked as one of the leading law firms in Vietnam based on directories, surveys and rankings professional. In addition, our cooperation with the Association, professional associations also participate actively in community activities, with a rate of more than 50 percent of attorneys, jurists, experts and collaboration participation in local groups and associations.